Instagram observation: Rennai Hoefer working with Children

I found this nice picture in surfing in Instagram and I was personally touched by the image.. My father started working as press photographer when I was around 5 years old and I remember staying with him in every “adventure” … Continued

Yoga during Pregnancy

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 During pregnancy is very important to keep fit.. it’s one of the key success points for a healthy pregnancy, mother and baby. Doing sport is enhancing the vitality and the health of the baby but concretely yoga is helping the … Continued

Babylook: 3-6 Months: Soft and Flowers

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3-6 MONTHS SERENDIPITY ORGANICS & ZARA MINI I love the soft textile from this flowered tshirt with the combination of the brown-beige pants… It was very nice on my daughter where she looked very elegant and casual at the same … Continued

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