The always needed Nursing pads!

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The nursing pads are mandatory from day one, if we are breastfeeding from day one. I remember having a lot of issues during my first 12 weeks of nursing my babygirl and my widwife and doctor were telling me how … Continued

Book: The best pregnancy guide ever

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That’s the book! Even.. That’s the perfect book for any pregnant woman. During my pregnancy I was looking for such a guide (in the way I read a lot of books! a lot…) with technical details but also with nice … Continued

Natural deodorant for a safe breastfeeding

During pregnancy and breastfeeding periods we have to take care of which chemicals and toxic ingredients we are using on our skin. The underarm is very close to our breasts and any ingredient in our deodorant could be absorbeb by … Continued

Book: the ultimate guide to a successful breastfeeding

That’s the book! A Gift for Life: Breastfeeding Made Easy by Carlos González is the bible of how to breast feed with successful results.. One friend of mine gave me this book while I was pregnant. I have to be … Continued