Hydratation, Hydratation, Hydratation…

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It’s very important to hydrate our skin while we are breastfeeding.. because all our water is going to produce milk, and not to our body, so.. our skin needs more and more good hydration products. This one from Odacité is … Continued

Yoga during Pregnancy

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 During pregnancy is very important to keep fit.. it’s one of the key success points for a healthy pregnancy, mother and baby. Doing sport is enhancing the vitality and the health of the baby but concretely yoga is helping the … Continued

Natural deodorant for a safe breastfeeding

During pregnancy and breastfeeding periods we have to take care of which chemicals and toxic ingredients we are using on our skin. The underarm is very close to our breasts and any ingredient in our deodorant could be absorbeb by … Continued

Mommy glow even after a sleepless night

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We are mothers but we are beautiful women at the same time and we have to keep that! Having a sleepless night it’s very usual and normal when we are raising babies and children but we have to go out, … Continued

Cycling… the best beauty tip for Moms

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The best thing we can do for our mom bodies is cycling during pregnancy, after giving birth and always cycling, cycling and cycling.. When we have a little baby or children, cycling seems to be a challenge. But! We need … Continued