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proclamacionfelipevi-princess leonor and sofia 2014

Today it’s an historic day for Spain, we have proclamed a new King in our country Felipe VI.. Currently I am living in Germany and for me it’s special to follow this event. I wam watching it via streaming at rtve.es, I listened the first speech and I am happy that he said the different cultures and languages in Spain are our heritage and we have to have respect to them.. Unity is a must and we should have the virtue of adoption to new changes and new era… we have to believe in research and development but also in new technology to go ahead. Great!

Personally, I would like to see more modern and state-of-the-art technology embedeed in the new Spanish Royal life and communication with the world, more health campaigns about non-sugar food and products for children and adults from the new Queen of Spain and more open leadership from the King Felipe VI. Let’s see! The first year is very important but also it’s the year of listening and learning and setting up new goals and strategies.

I think the Queen of Spain should focus on enhancing the spanish fashion industry wearing young and established spanish designers and brands but also promoting them how Michael Bloomberg did intelligently in NYC with resources, infrastructures and facilities. Fashion industry gives good image and profit to a city and a country. She can help to establish a new textile and factory network and framework in the country. The fashion industry has a magnetic power to call other industries and business which can get up the country.

I am specially amazed with the equal dresses of the new princesses Leonor and Sofia.. perfect style, perfect soft colors and perfect ensemble with their ballerinas shoes.. so ideal for this historic ocasion. Maybe I would like to see some bows from Petite Olivia (Store ByEngberg in Stockholm) that we can see always in the Princess Estelle of Sweden.

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