Getting truly in shape after pregnancy…

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yoga post pregnancy

Some books says… if a pregnancy is 9 months, the body needs other 9 months to recover itself… and it’s true! I recovered my before-pregnancy-body when my babygirl was 7 and half months and I was feeling great! But it’s hard work!

I did walk every day with the pram, did 2 sessions yoga every week, was drinking green tea and trying to eat healthier as used before. It’s not a joke.. I gained 22kg during my pregnancy because my body was telling me to eat more than usual.

Doing yoga during and after pregnancy helped me a lot to get in shape easily and it was fun! I did yoga with my babygirl with this DVD and it was amazing.. I started when she was 3 months old and we did it slowly, step by step.. and now she is 9 months old and she is playing around me while I am yoging!

Yoga after pregnancy is great and extremely helpful for breastfeeding, to carry the baby all day long in my arms, keep strong, keep calm, have a connection with my baby, getting in shape, keep connected to my soul.


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