How to solve successfully a Mastitis!!!

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This Breast Therapy pillows are incredible.. this idea, this innovation is the best thing a company could do to solve a recurrent problem for mothers.. THE MASTITIS. Maybe if you are a lucky mother you have not suffered a mastitis while breastfeeding, other like me, we have mastitis every time our breast milk changes, around every 3 months.

Mastitis is when milk gets stopped in your breast and you have fever (in some cases, you have only the milk stopped.) The duration of a mastitis is around 3 days max.

The only effective solution is staying calm in bed 3 days, if you have some fever paracetamol is working fine, but the important thing you have to do is warming your breast while the baby is feeding, and cooling your breast when your baby finishes the feeding. So simple, so effective.

Even.. if you are in the first month and you have a lot of milk, you can pump your breast after feeding your baby and remove your milk completely from the breast to avoid pain and infection. And don’t forget to warm your breast!

Here.. the fantastic innovation.. how to warm and cool your breast easy and staying happy! Using the Lansinoh THERA°PEARL® 3-in-1 Breast Therapy!!! That’s the best innovation ever!! Promised!

You can find a great video how to use them, here.


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