The always needed Nursing pads!

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The nursing pads are mandatory from day one, if we are breastfeeding from day one. I remember having a lot of issues during my first 12 weeks of nursing my babygirl and my widwife and doctor were telling me how great are the silk and cotton nursing pads.. but unfortunately they weren’t.. why? Because they are getting wet immediatly and if you have issues it’s even worst if we are thinking about bacterias and humidity. So, the only nursing pads which were perfect to keep my nipples dry over time and with air between were this wonderful nursing pads from Lansinoh!!

I am still using them during the day when I am at work but also during the weekend… it has been a step by step process, at the beginning I was using a new pair of pads after every feed because I had so much milk! But from the 6th month of my babygirl I was starting using only one pair per day.

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