Yoga during Pregnancy

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 During pregnancy is very important to keep fit.. it’s one of the key success points for a healthy pregnancy, mother and baby. Doing sport is enhancing the vitality and the health of the baby but concretely yoga is helping the future mom to deal with back pain, blood circulation and tired legs.. Yoga is supporting the balance of the body creating an ongoing equilibrium in its center of mass which is very important for keeping a high activity level during pregnancy.

I was doing yoga already from the begining even when I didn’t know I was pregnant, and in the 3rd month I switched to yoga for pregnant women and doing that twice per week until the end, once with this DVD and another in regular classes. I remember doing 1h yoga the day before giving brith my daughter. I think, this specific yoga exercices are helping during the whole birth and I believe it was easier thanks to my great fitness and my love to yoga.


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