Caru Álvarez-Cienfuegos, Lawyer and Web editor, Munich (Germany), 2 Children and Pregnant

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You are an incredible hands on mother… and you are spending a high quality time with your girls.. Are you following some special way of living? Which kind of activities are you doing with them?

Thank you for the compliment. I try my best as a mother as I think most of the other moms try. In general I am a spontaneous person that tries to do the best of the day without having a special way or philosophy of living. Any case, since I am a mom I value more and more what is known as “Slow Living”, that means a new voluntary simplicity and a less-is-more approach in your life.

In this sense, I try to spend a good time with my kids doing normal things like going to the park, cooking together, doing some crafts and spending a lot of time, when the weather allows us in the outside.


Did you breastfeed to your both girls? How did you do success? Did you have some problem? Do you have some recommendation for working moms who want to breastfeed more than a year long?

I breastfed my girls till they were 18th months old more or less. I have to admit that the first four weeks of breastfeeding were a hard time for me in both cases, because of the breast pain that is very common to a lot of women. My mother belonged to the generation of working mothers that due to the working conditions of the 80’s could not breastfeed their children and therefore I had no close example in my family that could help me with all the questions about breastfeeding. Thanks to a Spanish breastfeeding helping group (La Liga de la Leche) and to the patience of my sister-in-law I was able to overcome those first weeks. After that, breastfeeding has been for me the most comfortable, pleasant and natural way to raise my girls.

Regarding working moms and my experience I just can encourage them to go on, if they want to, with breastfeeding, because after the first six months the baby needs less and less breast milk and begins to combine it with other foods. And after the first year, most of the mothers will probably just breastfeed their baby at night or in the evenings, which is easily compatible with going back to work.


You are a founder of Munich Makes and My Little Munich. How are you managing your family and work time?

Fortunately at the moment I am doing home office and therefore it is much easier for me as for other working moms. In any case, at least in Spain, family (like grandparents, siblings, uncles and cousins) has an important role in the education of the kids and represent an enormous help for the young and un-experienced parents. Therefore I really miss such a help here in Munich. Fortunately I can count on my mother and she comes from time to time to Germany to help me with the kids.


Julia and Natalia have an incredible style and they are looking great everyday.. how did you get your inspiration? Where did you get those amazing clothes?

I really love to see my girls good looking and with nice clothes as well as I like it for myself. Nevertheless I try not to spend too much money in their clothes because they grow very fast and they really don’t need so many duds for each season. Normally I buy at Zara because I love their style and their prices and I am a total fan of handmade clothes. My mother and aunts sew and knit beautiful things for my little ones and I am also introducing myself in this wonderful world of the DIY.


What would be a perfect family day? What do you enjoy most doing with your girls?

The perfect family day is to spend the whole day out in a park doing a picnic and meeting friends and family. I love to see my kids sharing their time with other kids, especially with their cousins. My husband and I enjoy also a lot to go to the so called “WildParks” here in Germany where the kids can see wild animals in a friendly and nice environment. For us it’s lovely to see them having fun and discovering the outer world. Another plan we love to do is going to the cinema with them. We are big moviegoers and it’s great to share your hobbies with your kids (even by going to see kids-movies.)


Now you are pregnant of your third child. How are you keeping fit during all your pregnancies? Do you have some beauty secret?

Uff, there you catch me. In my last two pregnancies I went swimming three times a week, but in this pregnancy I have hardly time to go to the gym…  What I still do is riding my bike and walking as much as I can. But sometimes with two small kids at home you really don’t need to go to the gym…


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