Babylook: 3-6 Months: Black & White

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3-6 MONTHS HANDMADE AND OKKER-GOKKER COPENHAGEN I bought in a secondhand shop this black & white stripes pants in my baby-moon trip to Copenhagen last year and since then I was looking for the perfect blouse.. I didn’t find it, … Continued

Window shopping: Copenhagen’s baby store

I think this window shows the typical baby and even children outfit you can find around Copenhagen… soft and colorful textile pants with a knit pullover or jacket. That’s a confortable uniform, minimal and practical with amazing and infinite possibilities; … Continued

Babylook: 3-6 Months: Grey with a modern flower

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3-6 MONTHS ZARA MINI AND H&M I don’t know why, but this dress is fitting perfectly to my babygirl.. maybe it’s the pattern or the fabric or maybe both.. But it’s easy to put on and confortable to hang her … Continued

Babylook: 3-6 Months: Soft and Flowers

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3-6 MONTHS SERENDIPITY ORGANICS & ZARA MINI I love the soft textile from this flowered tshirt with the combination of the brown-beige pants… It was very nice on my daughter where she looked very elegant and casual at the same … Continued

Babylook: 3-6 Months: Flowers & Blue marine

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3-6 MONTHS ZARA MINI, CARAMEL BABY & CHILD AND LILI GAUFRETTE That’s a really international mixed look with spanish, british and french brands and baby style.. What do you think about the result? I think the combination of soft flowers … Continued

Window shopping: Bilbao’s baby store

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During our babymoon we visited Bilbao, a wonderful city in the north of Spain and one with the most impressive architecture and gastronomy. In this picture we can see the typical vitrine in a baby store in Spain, nice wool … Continued

Babylook: 3-6 Months: Green & blue flowers

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3-6 MONTHS BONTON & WHEAT I love flowers for baby girls since I was looking for some special pattern, different from the usual baby clothes. Flowers are warm and plenty of love… They seem cute, calm and natural. And as … Continued

Babylook: 1-3 Months: Leopard print

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1-3 MONTHS Åhléns We were in our babymoon trip in the South of Sweden when I discovered Åhléns, which is, if I can describe, the swedish french Monoprix. I was so delighted with all the baby clothing and toys, that I … Continued

Babylook: 3-6 Months: Winter essentials I

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3-6 MONTHS Handmade, Enfant DO, HM This coat-jacket is a great wool warmer for my babygirl I am using it every time we go outside, and if she is wearing a dress the warm tights from HM are the best … Continued

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