Seriously your postnatal skin is DRY, VERY DRY

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That’s the best product I used after pregnancy and given birth to my daughter Ilse Virginia. It’s a very soft and gentle cream with a wonderful parfum and I think the best one in the market… it’s very powerful and … Continued

Pure Elements… pure energy, pure organic

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That’s a really gentle care for babies.. the smell is beautiful and it’s incredible soft and smooth for the delicate baby skin. This is the first baby soap I used from the beginning and during the first months of my … Continued

Good bye Stretch Marks!

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I have some old stretch marks from my teenager times.. and thinking to have my body perfect after my first pregnancy I was thinking to remove the old marks with maternity care products. And.. currently I am trying this one. … Continued

Cycling… the best beauty tip for Moms

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The best thing we can do for our mom bodies is cycling during pregnancy, after giving birth and always cycling, cycling and cycling.. When we have a little baby or children, cycling seems to be a challenge. But! We need … Continued

Keep your breast flexible!

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Our breasts are growing up and down six times per day (at least…) during baby feeding time which means their skin needs to be flexible and well nourished. I pamper my breast every morning with oil but also before every … Continued

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